Re: Propeller Blade Temperature

From:         dave lawson <>
Organization: Dave Lawson
Date:         Sun, 15 Dec 1996 06:35:22 GMT
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Don Woods wrote:
> We are simulating the infrared signature of a turboprop aircraft.
> Does anyone know what propeller blade temperatures might typically be,
> in flight?
> Thanks in advance,
> Don Woods

You should expect the blade temps to be slightly above ambient
temperature due to the frictional effects of the airflow.  Nearest the
tip the temps will have the greatest increase due to the highest
relative velocity.

Also, the effects of the de-icing heaters will show up in that the
localised surface temperatures could be well above zero even under very
low ambient temperatures.  These temperature are transitory, generally
on a 10 second on cycle (or similar) with maybe a minute or two off.