Re: Inert Gas in Fuel Tanks

From: (Richard Boggs)
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Date:         Wed, 20 Nov 1996 03:09:51 GMT
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Bob Falkiner  <> wrote:
>most likely these are gas diffusion devices that take advantage of
>different rates of diffusion of O2 and N2 in different media.  Commecial
>units are available from most industrial gas suppliers for small scale
>applications.  Since it is still diffusion, it is at the small end of
>the industrial use curve, but these things were not around 10-20 years
>ago, so still in their infancy of industrial application.

Small scale may be relative.... chemical tankships use a diffusion, or
molecular sieve, unit to generate inert gas for cargo tank blanketing.
The volumes required far exceed any aircraft tank volume.

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