Re: Inert Gas in Fuel Tanks

From:         Bob Falkiner <>
Organization: RJF Home
Date:         Thu, 7 Nov 1996 05:46:43 GMT
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most likely these are gas diffusion devices that take advantage of
different rates of diffusion of O2 and N2 in different media.  Commecial
units are available from most industrial gas suppliers for small scale
applications.  Since it is still diffusion, it is at the small end of
the industrial use curve, but these things were not around 10-20 years
ago, so still in their infancy of industrial application.

I think most of the membranes are silicone/silane and take advantage of
oxygen higher diffusivity.  

Woodhams wrote:
> "P. Wezeman" <> writes:
> >this purpose. The newer of these two aircraft, the C-17, has a device
> >that separates ambient air into its two main constituents, oxygen and
> >nitrogen, and sends the nitrogen produced to the fuel tanks. As I
> Can anyone tell me how this device works? I would guess some chemical
> absorbs oxygen from the air flow (leaving nitrogen for the tanks) and
> is periodically heated to expel the oxygen.