Re: Inert Gas in Fuel Tanks

From: (Woodhams)
Organization: University of Auckland
Date:         Mon, 28 Oct 1996 21:56:25 GMT
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"P. Wezeman" <> writes:
>this purpose. The newer of these two aircraft, the C-17, has a device
>that separates ambient air into its two main constituents, oxygen and
>nitrogen, and sends the nitrogen produced to the fuel tanks. As I

Can anyone tell me how this device works? I would guess some chemical
absorbs oxygen from the air flow (leaving nitrogen for the tanks) and
is periodically heated to expel the oxygen.

[Moderator's note: Regarding the C-17, one of the test team members
told me that they used a compressor and, since it acts like a
centrifuge, they tapped off the compressed gases, being of different
densities, at different radiuses, or so he thought.  I seem to recall
that the unit is cylindrical, but I may have been looking at a tank
and not a compressor.  It sounded good to me, but that doesn't mean
it's true.  MFS]