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From:         Gary Walsh <>
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Date:         Sun, 24 Mar 1996 02:47:43 GMT
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>In article <>, Lih-Yenn Ong  <> wrote:
>>I am trying to read up on Ground Effect Vehicles and would appreciate
>>it if someone can point to the relevant journals, papers, books or WWW
>I remember reading (maybe within the last year?) an article about
>?Russian? development of very large ground effect vehicles for
>transoceanic cargo.  Looked a lot like huge airliners, but travelled
>in ground effect at speeds slower than jet transports and much faster
>than ships.  If no one else has a reference easily at hand, I'll try
>to dig it up.

A smaller Russian vehicle even made it into the UK national newspapers.
It could carry around a dozen passengers plus cargo at a cruising speed
of around 80 knots (according to the article!).  It looked like a small
passenger aircraft with pontoons (sorry if the terminology is a little
off).  The difference was that the props could be rotated between
horizontal and vertical, and there was a large aerofoil between the 
pontoons (although you couldn't see it in the accompanying photograph).
I think the idea was that the props could be oriented to enhance the
ground effect at low speeds.

The article appeared a couple of weeks ago.

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