Re: **Questions** on Ground Effect Vehicles

From: (T. Feyereisen)
Organization: Honeywell Technology Center
Date:         Sun, 10 Mar 1996 19:04:47 GMT
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> In article <>, Lih-Yenn Ong  <> wrote:
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> >I am trying to read up on Ground Effect Vehicles and would appreciate
> >it if someone can point to the relevant journals, papers, books or WWW
> I remember reading (maybe within the last year?) an article about
> ?Russian? development of very large ground effect vehicles for
> transoceanic cargo.  Looked a lot like huge airliners, but travelled
> in ground effect at speeds slower than jet transports and much faster
> than ships.  If no one else has a reference easily at hand, I'll try
> to dig it up.

There is a company in the DC area called "Aerocon" which has been
doing commercial application research on jumbo (and mid-size)
wing-in-ground-effect aircraft for a couple years. Unfortunately they
haven't been getting much support from our government. From my limited
knowledge of wingships (I went to grad school with a wingship junkie),
Russia is clearly the leader in this research. Commercial applications
of a superjumbo wingship appear particualrly suitable for the Asian
market.  Popular Mechanics had a cool cover article on wingships a
couple years ago that I highly recommend you check out. Sorry I can't
provide the date.