Re: **Questions** on Ground Effect Vehicles

From:         Michael Carley <>
Organization: Dept. of Maths, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.
Date:         Thu, 7 Mar 1996 15:27:57 GMT
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Lih-Yenn Ong <> writes:

>I am trying to read up on Ground Effect Vehicles and would appreciate
>it if someone can point to the relevant journals, papers, books or WWW
>URLs on this topic. Although the concept is sound, why isn't there any
>commercial application?  What are the costs involved in designing such
>a vehicle?  Similar to that of an aircraft?  How would FAA look upon
>the cerfication issue?

Take a look in last week's Sunday Times. There's a report
on a thing called the Amphistar with a photo. It's Russian
designed and built and really a very smart design. It uses
twin propellers, one either side of the nose, which can be
tilted (a la V-22) to blow air under the lifting surfaces.
That way you can get vertical take-off. Cost is about 
350,000 squids (around $600,000). 

I have a slightly different question. Since this craft flies
quite adequately, would it be possible to stick a pair of
``real'' wings on it and use it as an out-of-ground-effect
aeroplane. You could use the ground effect surfaces for
vertical take-off and conventional wings for flight. You get
VTOL without the horrors of the trying to make a V-22 fly.
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