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Date:         Thu, 7 Mar 1996 15:27:39 GMT
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>I am trying to read up on Ground Effect Vehicles and would appreciate
>it if someone can point to the relevant journals, papers, books or WWW
>URLs on this topic. Although the concept is sound, why isn't there any
>commercial application?  What are the costs involved in designing such
>a vehicle?  Similar to that of an aircraft?  How would FAA look upon
>the cerfication issue?

Actually, if you could get a ground effect fleet running, the cost per
seat mile or cost per ton mile would actually be cheaper than a non
ground effect plane.  The performance equations tell you that it would
be a slower trip, but that's why it's cheaper.  It's a power
relationship (currently supertankers are the most efficient in terms
of power required and power used).  You plot Transport Efficiency
(product of weight and speed divided by power to operate) vs speed.
For aircraft, Trans Eff is the Lift/Drag ratio in cruise.  If you plot
all forms of trans., you find a boundary beyond which nothing appears-
it slopes down from left to right.  This is the technology factor
line.  With time, it moves up and to the right.  As for the FAA look
up the FAR's.  They would have to follow all altitude restrictions,
but efficient ground effect flight can only occur over large expanses
of flat land (Russia has lots of this) or water.  It would most likely
be a seaplane, so look up the seaplane stuff in the FAR's- I did.
However, some of those flare craft don't fall under FAR's.  They can't
climb too high (maybe 10 feet) so they fall under Coast Guard

     My senior project a few years ago was a ground effect design
inspired by the Russian Ekranoplan.  I am posting these references for
anyone who is interested.  Some are not related to technical material
but rather are economic reasons for such vehicles.

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Loading Cargo Aircraft Concepts" Boeing Commercial
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Good Luck,
Jason (