High-Angle-of-Attack Technology Conference

From:         j.w.mcmanus@larc.nasa.gov (John McManus)
Organization: NASA Langley Research Center
Date:         Mon, 19 Feb 1996 15:17:41 GMT
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NASA is sponsoring the High-Angle-of-Attack Technology Conference to
be held September 17-19, 1996 at the NASA Langley Research Center.
This conference will provide a national forum (restricted to US
citizens) to discuss high-angle-of-attack technology issues in the
design of future highly agile military aircraft.  There are four
primary objectives to this conference: (1) Report final results of the
NASA High-Alpha Technology Program (HATP); (2) Discuss results of
other National programs; (3) Summarize high-alpha technology
"Lessons-Learned"; and (4) Discuss future directions for research in
high-performance military aircraft.  A broad spectrum of research
results will be presented from generic studies as well as from leading
NASA, DOD, and industry fighter technology programs.  It is envisioned
that the discussion of future directions will involve NASA, DOD, ARPA,
and industry, and will encourage opportunities for future

Conference information including the call for papers is available via
the World Wide Web at: http://www.larc.nasa.gov/org/conf/

[Moderator's note:  This is going to be a good one, folks.  I hope to
go myself and I highly recommend it.  MFS]

Information can also be obtained by contacting:
Mr. James R. Burley II
Deputy Leader, High-Performance & High-Speed Aircraft Office
NASA Langley Research Center
Mail Stop 265
Hampton, Va. 23681-0001
FAX: 804-864-8291
EMAIL: j.r.burley@larc.nasa.gov