Fuel consumption Stockholm and Cairo

From:         kurt@winzell.se (Kurt Winzell)
Date:         12 Feb 1996 16:11:35 -0800
Organization: Winzell Production AB
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we are doing a minor research project on Egypt.
We would like some answers on the following questions:

1  How great is the fuel consumption on a flight between Stockholm and
Cairo of a normal sized passenger plane?
2  How many passengers does a normal plane take?
3  What is the price of one litre/gallon fuel?
4  What is the total cost for a flight between Stockholm and Cairo?
5  How are the costs distributed among personal costs, machine costs,
costs at the departure and arrival airports, and so on?

We would be grateful if someone would answer some of or all of these questions.

Best wishes,
grade 5 and 6, Ostavalls skola, in the middle of Sweden