Re: Long-distance direct flights

Date:         31 Mar 2001 16:43:16 
From: (Robin Johnson)
Organization: North Antarctica
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On 27 Mar 2001 16:05:23 , Roger Chung-Wee <> told

>On 23 Mar 2001 17:40:12 , (Robin Johnson)
>>Holiday charters have now started from Britain (Gatwick, Luton and
>>Manchester) to Australia and New Zealand.  These flights (in 767-300s
>>at the moment) usually make two en-route stops (e.g. Bahrain and
>>Singapore) and operate to several Australian airports, some of which
>>have to provide Customs/Immigration clearance not otherwise required
>>(Coolangatta, Hamilton Island, Alice Springs) on a low-frequency
>>basis.  They do not carry mail or cargo.

>Note that the charters from the UK to Australia and New Zealand by
>Airtours and Britannia have been axed. It seems as if scheduled
>competition was the main reason.

Of course, it was only a seasonal operation.  I've heard that
Australians' reaction to the 8-abreast seating and general discomfort
was pretty horrified: it was only ever marketed here as a seat fill-up
at back-door prices.  From the British end if people will barely
tolerate a 9-hour flight, how much less a 24-hour plus one!