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Date:         31 Mar 2001 16:43:06 
From:         "Ken Ishiguro" <>
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"Dafydd ab Hugh" <> wrote in message
> Dear aerospace engineers;
> My wife is an aerospace engineering student at Cal Poly Pomona, and
> for her senior thesis, she is supposed to design a passenger window
> for a future single-stage-to-orbit (SSTO) vehicle

Part of engineering is capturing and meeting requirements in cost effective
or unique ways.  Why is there a requirement for a window?  Presumably so the
passenger can see out, and also so people don't become claustrophobic.  As
you and others have stated, there's a lot of factors involved.

ISTM that an ergonomically designed cabin and lighting will provide an
illusion of spaciousness.  Airframe manufacturers and airlines put a lot of
effort into cabin design to accomplish this.  As far as seeing out, a camera
system and an in-seat LCD display with individually selectable / changeable
views will meet the "see out" requirement.

I don't know how your wife's prof would view this approach...but in the real
world, the lowest cost, safest, or "thinking out of the box" solution wins.
Boeing has proposed this for their Blended Wing design, where only a small
portion of seats would be near a window.

My .02 worth.

Ken Ishiguro