Re: Wing vs. tail-mounted engines?

Date:         27 Mar 2001 16:05:21 
From: (PPowondra)
Organization: AOL
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>Subject: Wing vs. tail-mounted engines?
>From: Wolfgang Keller

>I felt a lot more
>safe with those burning chambers far behind me, away from the ground and
>from the fuel tanks

Wouldn't there be some concern for how the fuel for those "burning chambers"
gets back there from the wing or centerbody tanks?  I seem to recall that
those fuel lines approximate the size of an adult arm, running along the
length of the fuselage. Certainly a consideration (among others, I'm sure)
in new airliner designs.  The rear-mounted engine layout apparently
has been relegated to the RJ's and bizjets.

I wonder how the CG concerns impact the tail vs. wing designs for large