Re: Air France Concorde crashes after departing Paris CDG

Date:         27 Mar 2001 16:05:18 
From: (Gord Beaman)
Organization: ISLAND TEL
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  or MIME structure (Don Stokes) wrote:

>Malcolm Weir  <> wrote:
>>All indications are that the thing was flyable in the sense that it was
>>above the control speeds for its configuration.  It lacked the speed to
>>climb, though.
>Nope.  For most of the flight, one of the port side engines was
>producing some power, albeit well below capacity due to damage.  When
>that engine finally failed, the aircraft no longer had suffient power,
>at which point the aircraft stalled, yawing toward the port side and
>rolling over, and crashed.

>The crew did very well to get the plane on an emergency approach to Le
>Bourget on only 2 and a bit engines, but with the loss of the bit, the
>physics of the situation was against them.

Yes and especially so considering the fact that they couldn't get
the gear up...not too many a/c will fly with a critical engine
out at V1 when you cannot get the gear up. Then, to lose the
'other' engine on that side sealed their fate.