Re: Wing vs. tail-mounted engines?

Date:         27 Mar 2001 16:05:15 
From:         {$usenet$} (Daniele Procida)
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Wolfgang Keller <> wrote:

> as a passenger, I've always preferred aircraft with tail-mounted engines
> (German BA's F100, for example) over those with wing-mounted engines like
> the 737 - because they are usually less noisy, because I felt a lot more
> safe with those burning chambers far behind me, away from the ground and
> from the fuel tanks (not that flying makes me frightened)

As someone who is scared out of his wits by aeroplanes, I much prefer
MD-80s and the like, because the sight of those enormous heavy engines
making those delicate wings bend up and down in that terrifying fashion
is something I can really do without. At least on a MD-80 I don't spend
the entire flight checking to see if the wings are going fall off.

Instead I worry about an uncontained blade failure ripping into the
fuselage or destroying the tailplane.

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