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Date:         23 Mar 2001 17:40:13 
From: (Howard and Kelly Lute)
Organization: Optimum Camel Companies, Ltd.
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In article <airliners.2000.150@ohare.Chicago.COM>, NOSPAM@ERIE.NET
> When discussing old aircraft, such as 747s or DC-9s built in the '60s or
> early '70s, I've heard a number of people say that there are practically
> no original components on them. They suggest that practically everything
> would have been changed during maintenance over the years, from
> structural components to machinery and avionics.

> While I can understand the need for overhauls of worn mechanical
> components, and requalifying avionics, I know less about the need to
> replace structural pieces and fuselage parts.  I don't see as great a
> need there.  I am curious if this is just urban legend, or if this
> suggestion is truly the case.  Can anyone provide some insight?

Not an answer just more speculation,
I have a library full of books that discuss this and other long term
maintenance issues on aircraft and it seems that some percentage of the
basic airframe IS changed over time but certainly NOT a high percentage
of the airframe itself. Certainly engines are routinely swapped out,
interior equipment is upgraded and electrical/electronic equipment is
upgraded or R&R'd routinely but I would venture a guess that a large
percentage (75-90%) of the aircraft is the same now as when she first
crossed V2. Maybe a Boeing, MD or other repair/maint. person could help
us here...

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