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Date:         23 Mar 2001 17:40:11 
From:         Lukas Lusser <>
Organization: Europainstitut Basel
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Karl Swartz schrieb:

> > I know very little about Russian aircraft, so please forgive me if I ask
> > a basic question, what and how do you tell the difference between a
> > IL-96 and a IL-96M?

> The Il-96-300 has Soloviev PS-90A engines and a 240,000 kb MGTOW.
> Il-96M has Pratt and Whitney PW2337 engines with MGTOW increased to
> 270,000 kg.  The Il-96T is a freighter version of the Il-96M, with
> higher-thrust PW2340 engines but the same MGTOW.  I don't think there
> is just an Il-96, with no suffix.

Hi everybody,

there is also a difference in dimensions between the Il-96-300 and the
Il-96M/T. While the "basic" Il-96-300 has a fuselage length of 55 metres,
the stretched M and T measure 63.9 metres. The difference is as obvious
to see as the difference between a classic B747 and a B747SP (though
these the are still slightly larger, of course).

To compare for yourself, see then go to
the pages on the Il-96. You'll find pictures of various -300s as well as an
image each of an M and a T prototype.

Lukas Lusser
editor, jetstream aviation magazine at