Lightning Strike out of Dorval ?

Date:         16 Mar 2001 05:56:21 
From: (Joe)
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 A week ago Sunday I was on an Air Canada Flight from Montrea to Paris
Charles De Gaulle sitting in the upper deck of a 747 400. At about
5000ft we encountered a horrific blast and flash of light. It was like
a concussion gernade had went off. It was followed by heavy
turbulance. The Captain came on and just said "Fasten Your Seatbelts
 At first I thought it was a bomb but then  attributed it to a direct
Lightning strike. About 5 minutes followed when the captain came back
on and said what we encountered was not a Lightning Strike but a
Static Discharge and all systems were OK. Should he not have turned
back to be safe? What is the procedure for this? You cannot tell from
the cockpit if structural damage occured.
 Can anyone elaborate on this?It scared the dickens out of me.I heard
one of the stewardesses say. " I heve never experienced anything like
this in 32 years of flying"

 Spooked Frequent Flyer