Re: Aircraft Life

Date:         23 Mar 2001 17:40:09 
From: (JohnMcGrew)
Organization: AOL
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In article <airliners.2000.150@ohare.Chicago.COM>, James Robinson

>While I can understand the need for overhauls of worn mechanical
>components, and requalifying avionics, I know less about the need to
>replace structural pieces and fuselage parts.  I don't see as great a
>need there.  I am curious if this is just urban legend, or if this
>suggestion is truly the case.  Can anyone provide some insight?

Structural components have a limited life too, usually defined by either
flight cycles or total flight hours.  Every flight stresses the
structure, and like with bending any piece of metal, there is a
limited number of times you can do that before it will weaken and
break.  Such components must be replaced long before this is likely.
The question for the owners is the economics of replacing certain
parts of the structure; will the revenues gained by extending a plane's
life justify such costs.