Re: Concorde tyres

Date:         23 Mar 2001 17:40:05 
From:         Pete Finlay <>
Organization: Expensive Desktop Paperweights
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In article <airliners.2001.48@ditka.Chicago.COM>, James Weber
<> writes
>>The report was wrong. There is a water deflector fitted in front of each
>>bogie. BA modified their water deflectors by strengthening them quite a
>>few years ago. The French did not.
>Don't think strengthened is a good description for what they did, because
>the BA ones will break just as easily as the AF versions, however when the
>BA one's break, they will remain attached to the airframe. The Water
>deflector is basically an empty pipe, and mod consists of running a high
>strength cable through the hollow portion, so if the pipe breaks apart, the
>cable holds the pieces to the airframe....

Whatever. The end result is that BA's water deflectors are less prone to
causing secondary damage to other parts of the aircraft. In the past,
the break up of the water deflectors have caused problems, and they
still do on aircraft without the cable modification.
Pete Finlay