Re: help! for seaplane in the "sea of Galilee" in the1930's.

Date:         21 Mar 2001 18:33:31 
From:         Philip Morten <>
Organization: BT Internet
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Ben-Yosef wrote:
> I'm looking for information about the " Imperial Airways" seaplane landing
> in the "sea of Galilee" ,(as a stop in a
> regular route between England and India in the 1930's ?)
> who knows???

This is to be described in several accounts as at Tiberias, as far as I
can make out this was just a refuelling stop between Alexandria and Lake
Habbaniyah.  A route map published in The Aeroplane of 29 Sep 1938 (and
reproduced in "Adventourous Empires"(*))  shows this but there is a
reference in the text of the Dead Sea being used earlier due to religous
objections to the use of the Sea of Galilee.

Philip Morten

* Adventurous Empires - The Story of the Short Empire Flying Boats,
Philip E Simms, Airlife, 2000, ISBN 1-84037-130-7