Re: Folding wings 777?

Date:         21 Mar 2001 18:33:30 
From:         Carl Peters <>
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"J. G. Pastorkyna" wrote:

> Has any carrier taken advantage of Boeing's offer to manufacture the 777 with
> wings that can be shortened by folding up before reaching the gate? It was
> mentioned in a TV documentary, but I certainly haven't seen such a sight
> anywhere. Are there that many airports gates where such a practise would be
> helpful?

The folding wings were designed as a feature to allow the 777 to use 767
and even smaller sized parking stands. American Airlines drove this design
the most, yet did not opt for it upon placing an order. To date, no one
else has either. Cons of the system are substantial weight penalties,
public acceptance, and the lack of need as the 777 has fit in well to
existing airport stands. At this point, I don't know if Boeing
is even offering the option.

Carl Peters