Re: Lightning Strike out of Dorval ?

Date:         21 Mar 2001 18:33:26 
From: (brian whatcott)
Organization: BWInc
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On 16 Mar 2001 05:56:21 , (Joe) wrote:

> At first I thought it was a bomb but then  attributed it to a direct
>Lightning strike. About 5 minutes followed when the captain came back
>on and said what we encountered was not a Lightning Strike but a
>Static Discharge and all systems were OK. Should he not have turned
>back to be safe? What is the procedure for this? You cannot tell from
>the cockpit if structural damage occured.

The usual result of a lightning strike on a metal skin airplane is one
or more small holes at the entry and exit locations, where the current
density is specially high.     Composite skin airplanes can be more

Brian Whatcott   Altus OK