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Date:         21 Mar 2001 18:33:24 
From:         "Steve Johnston" <>
Organization: Prodigy
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David Pinella <> wrote in message
> I was on a Canadair RJ yesterday. I think this is the first time that I
> have been on a plane that was deiced. I have a question. How much does
> deicing cost for a plane like this? A 747? How many gallons? Is it
> recycled? It looked like they used a pink spray and then a green spray.
> I assume the red is a deice and the green is an anti ice, like ethelyne
> glycol. It stuck really nice to the wing, very pretty. What was the red?

Cost varies depending on how much glycol is applied, the average cost
ranges from 4 to 8 dollars per gallon in concentrate form. Deicing fluid is
diluted, usually about 50/50, anti-icing is applied at 100% concentration.
A CRJ would take as little as 30-50 gallons for frost and up to several
hundred gallons for heavy snow or ice. a 747 would take much more.

Most airports require recovery but not necessarily recycling.

Both are glycol just different formulations and either ethylene or propylene
based. Anti-ice or type 4 is very thick and sticks to the surfaces until it
is sheared off during the takeoff roll.