Re: Strange 707 at Burbank

Date:         17 Mar 2001 08:33:35 
From: (Dan)
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Stuart Feigin <> wrote:
> I saw a very strange looking 707 yesterday at the
> Burbank airport.  I glanced out the window and saw
> a 707 with enormous winglets taxi by.  Not the
> little fences like on an A320, but 6 or 7 foot
> tall winglets like on a 747-400.  The fuselage
> lettering said something like "Stage III 707" and
> the was an emblem with the letters "SI" on the
> tail.  The engines were the old pure turbojet
> type, not the later turbo fans.
> Anyone know what I saw, and why it was built?  I
> can't imagine there is much economic value left in
> ancient 707s.

I poked around a little at (in the search form
pick Boeing 707/720 from the aircraft pulldown, and enter "stage"
in the keyword box) and found some photos of Stage III 707's,
a.k.a. 707-3J6B, quite possibly including the very one you saw.
That one appears to be owned by Quiet Skies Inc.

The "Stage 3" apparently has something to do with the engines
complying with something or other... ah, there we go, compliance
with Federal Aviation Regulation Part 36, aircraft noise levels.
Stage III is the new-technology, quiet jet stuff that the FAA
requires starting this year.

So apparently these folks retrofitted the engines on an ol'
707 to make them comply with the latest regulations.  Why the
winglets?  No idea.  Maybe the engine changes impacted the
aircraft's behavior enough that they were warranted?


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