Re: help! for seaplane in the "sea of Galilee" in the1930's.

Date:         17 Mar 2001 08:33:33 
From:         "Antoin Daltun" <>
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> I'm looking for information about the " Imperial Airways" seaplane
> landing in the sea of Galilee ,(as a stop in the regular route
> between England and India in the 1930's ?)

According to August 1939 OAG, from April 1939 Imperial Airways operated
(Baghdad)-Basra-Bahrein-Dabai (Sharjah)- Karachi-Raj
rabaya-Darwin-Townsville-Gladstone-Brisbane-Sydney with a call "at the
following places if inducement offers and circumstances permit: St Nazaire,
Mirabella, Jiwani, Batavia, Bima and Karumba"

The aircraft were Short C Class flying-boats.  Beyond Singapore flights were
operated by Qantas aircraft.

Ex Southampton, flights operated Wed, Sat, Sun.  Mon, Thu flights operated
as far as Calcutta only.  Some flights used landplanes Alexandria-Karachi.

Flights departed Southampton at 0500 would overnight Athens and depart
Tiberias 1230 next day (arrival time not given, but dp Alexandria was 0930).

Source is: Birth of an Industry: a nostalgic collection of airline schedules
1929-39 in facsimile, intro by Robert J Serling, published by Reuben H
Donnelley Corp, publishers of OAG, in 1969.  1939 is the first year when
detailed international schedules appear.

Antoin Daltun