Re: Air France Concorde crashes after departing Paris CDG

Date:         16 May 2001 17:45:33 
From:         matt weber <>
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>Indeed. And this causes drag, which which Concorde could not overcome. So
>I am asking whether it is possible for the pilots to use slightly less
>rudder than necessary to counter the assymetric thrust, and accepting a
>turn (in the direction of the dead engines), to experience less
>rudder-induced drag, and hopefully climb or accelerate.
The box for Concorde is that L/D at low speed is pretty horrible (less then
5:1), and below 275kt, the D component exceeds the output of two engines
even with the emergency thrust augmentation system operating (gets you
about 105% of rated thrust), Aircraft cannot climb on two engines below
275kt  period..

Matt Weber