Re: How Important Is Cross-section Shape Of Wing?

Date:         16 May 2001 17:45:25 
From:         "MJ" <>
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See also Section 3 for another
good treatment.  Also debunks coanda effect relative to lift production
(section 18.4), and the notion that a tail plane must always act downward
(somewhere in there).

Mike Jones

"JWizardC" <> wrote in message
> Okay, here's another simian torquer (monkey wrench): When I got to
> aero design classes, I learned that Bernoulli is mostly a convient fiction
> help explain a mind numbingly difficult truth. In actuality, as a
> object begins to move forward in a fluid (like air), an amazing phenomenon
> takes place. A vortex begins to form behind the wing, creating a partial
> suction, which pulls more air over the top of the wing -- here's the hard
> -- from underneath it!
> Wander over to for a discussion far
> than I can provide here.
> TheFNG