Re: Aircraft design question

Date:         19 Apr 2001 16:40:24 
From:         "Keith Willshaw" <>
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"Ken Ishiguro" <> wrote in message
> "Tom Digby" <> wrote in message
> news:airliners.2001.118@ditka.Chicago.COM...
> > Ken Ishiguro <> wrote:
> >
> > As a potential passenger, I want a "real" window, not just a TV hookup.
> > If I'm looking at the Grand Canyon or the Rock of Gibraltar or maybe
> > the curvature of the Earth or a sunset or something, I want to actually
> > see it with my own eyes.  It's like the difference between seeing your
> > favorite performer at a live concert and staying home and watching on
> > It may not be a rational feeling, but it's there.
> >
> I personally agree with you.  However, if a camera/screen ends up way
> cheaper than a real window, see how long windows stay in a design.  :-)
> Also, we probably aren't *most* passengers.  The most popular seats on an
> airliner are aisles, followed by windows.  You've probably observed that
> window passengers spend little or no time looking out the window.  They
> choose it because they only share one armrest, and because they couldn't
> the aisle.  Looking out the window simply isn't important to most pax.
> Ken Ishiguro

Lets be honest there just isnt anything much to
see on most flights. You are typically over the
Ocean , flying at night or over cloud cover.

If I'm flying in daytime on on commuter planes I'll go for a window
seat otherwise its the aisle every time.