Re: Boeing's Sonic Cruiser

Date:         19 Apr 2001 16:40:16 
From:         "Scotty" <>
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I sort of doubt that this is an engineering-representative design drawing.
At least, it seems apparent the systems-E folks have not had a good hack at
it yet.

"Don Stokes" <> wrote in message
> In article <airliners.2001.83@ditka.Chicago.COM>,
> Damon Hill <> wrote:
> >Will it fly?  Will the airlines buy?  I hope so!  Commercial
> >aircraft design has been SO boring for the past couple of
> >decades.
> >
> >How fast WILL it go?  It already looks supersonic, with the right
> >engines.
> >
> >
> Doesn't look supersonic to me.  Note:
> - Large engine pods to house high-bypass engines -- not efficient for
>   supersonic cruise
> - Decidedly sub-sonic looking nose section
> - Large canards -- the Tu-144 used (smaller) canards to keep the nose up
>   at low speed, but retracted them for supersonic flight.
> Also note that the painting looks heavily area-ruled, and I suspect the
> fuselage would provide significant lift -- it appears to have a low floor
> although it's hard to tell from the published painting.  That would move
> the centre of lift further forward than would appear from just looking
> at the wing planform.
> Does anyone else think it looks like a grown-up version of the Starship?
> -- don