Re: Aircraft design question

Date:         09 Apr 2001 15:37:16 
From:         "Ken Ishiguro" <>
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"Tom Digby" <> wrote in message
> Ken Ishiguro <> wrote:
> As a potential passenger, I want a "real" window, not just a TV hookup.
> If I'm looking at the Grand Canyon or the Rock of Gibraltar or maybe just
> the curvature of the Earth or a sunset or something, I want to actually
> see it with my own eyes.  It's like the difference between seeing your
> favorite performer at a live concert and staying home and watching on TV.
> It may not be a rational feeling, but it's there.
I personally agree with you.  However, if a camera/screen ends up way
cheaper than a real window, see how long windows stay in a design.  :-)

Also, we probably aren't *most* passengers.  The most popular seats on an
airliner are aisles, followed by windows.  You've probably observed that
window passengers spend little or no time looking out the window.  They
choose it because they only share one armrest, and because they couldn't get
the aisle.  Looking out the window simply isn't important to most pax.

Ken Ishiguro