Re: Wing vs. tail-mounted engines?

Date:         04 Apr 2001 16:41:35 
From:         "matt weber" <>
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Subject: Re: Wing vs. tail-mounted engines?

> On the other hand, more and more ETOPS flights are being undertaken -
> the majority of North Atlantic crossings for example. Despite this,
> there have been very few ditchings.
> Just this month a United 767 on the climb-out from Lihue and bound for
> California, had a loss of power on both engines.  No harm done,
> but.....
> I'm a little concerned about the dynamics of a ditching with
> underslung engines, though.  The Ethiopian 767 off the Comores,
> although a hijack situation with armed men on the flightdeck, looked
> good on the video until the last minute, when it seemed that the
> engines dug in asymmetrically, causing the fuselage to break up.

You have to remember that at that point, both engines had failed (fuel
starvation), and I doubt there was time to deploy the RAT, and with no fuel,
the APU isn't going to be helpful either...

> Does anyone know of a successful ditching by a jet?

In the 1960's, a JAL DC8 freighter ended up well short of the runway at SFO,
and in the bay.
It was fished out, overhauled, and flew until the mid 1980's when it was
finally retired....