Re: Air France Concorde crashes after departing Paris CDG

Date:         04 Apr 2001 16:41:33 
From:         matt weber <>
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At 04:43 PM 3/31/01 +0000, you wrote:
>matt weber ( wrote:
>: Flyable only in a very narrow sense of the word.  Concorde is a strange
>: airliner in that minimum drag at MGTOW on most aircraft is pretty close to
>: V2, on Concorde it is at 415kt.  The full thrust of 2 engines on Concorde is
>: roughly equal to drag at 275kt.  Below 275kt, drag exceeds thrust,
>: consequently flight at speeds below 275kt on 2 engines is a black hole in
>Part of that drag is the rudder, deflected to compensate for the
>assymetric thrust. So my question is, is it possible to make a climbing
>turn at a lower speed than 275kt? (turning towards the dead engines)

The information I have seen says the rudder just made things worse, i.e.
effectively the minimum safe airspeed with two engines on one side out is
higher then 275kt.  The preliminary investigation however suggests that the
need for large amounts of rudder on the runway was a result of the wheel
assembly being incorrectly assembled after repair, rather then assymetric
thrust. It was missing a spacer on the wheel assembly, and as a result,
would not track straight down the runway.  The engines are close enough
together, and far enough from the CG that rudder authority isn't much of an

Matt Weber