Re: Air France Concorde crashes after departing Paris CDG

Date:         04 Apr 2001 16:41:32 
From: (Gord Beaman)
Organization: ISLAND TEL
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  or MIME structure (Filip De Vos) wrote:

>matt weber ( wrote:
>: Flyable only in a very narrow sense of the word.  Concorde is a strange
>: airliner in that minimum drag at MGTOW on most aircraft is pretty close to
>: V2, on Concorde it is at 415kt.  The full thrust of 2 engines on Concorde is
>: roughly equal to drag at 275kt.  Below 275kt, drag exceeds thrust,
>: consequently flight at speeds below 275kt on 2 engines is a black hole in
>Part of that drag is the rudder, deflected to compensate for the
>assymetric thrust. So my question is, is it possible to make a climbing
>turn at a lower speed than 275kt? (turning towards the dead engines)

Wouldn't that be sort of self defeating?...if you roll any
aircraft from level then you reduce the lift that the wings
produce, so I'd think that to maintain your altitude in other
than level flight you'd need to increase your AOA which would
replace the drag that you saved from the rudder deflection...