Re: Wing vs. tail-mounted engines?

Date:         04 Apr 2001 16:41:29 
From: (Gord Beaman)
Organization: ISLAND TEL
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{$usenet$} (Daniele Procida) wrote:

>As someone who is scared out of his wits by aeroplanes, I much prefer
>MD-80s and the like, because the sight of those enormous heavy engines
>making those delicate wings bend up and down in that terrifying fashion
>is something I can really do without. At least on a MD-80 I don't spend
>the entire flight checking to see if the wings are going fall off.
>Instead I worry about an uncontained blade failure ripping into the
>fuselage or destroying the tailplane.

Daniele, it might ease your mind to think that the engines are
lifted -by- the wing and because they're mounted -out- on it will
contribute much less stress on it than if they were mounted on
the fuselage and their weight had to be carried by the wing root.

You shouldn't worry about safety, after all, you did survive the
trip to the airport didn't you?'re much safer in flight
than on the highway.