Re: Long-distance direct flights

Date:         04 Apr 2001 16:41:26 
From:         Matthew Sheren <>
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Robin Johnson wrote:

> Helsinki is one of the smaller hub cities:  but I can see it being
> developed further in the oneWorld context for traffic from the East to
> Western Europe, and for traffic from the West to Eastern Europe/CIS/
> and possibly Middle East, as London gets more congested than ever.

A good call, except that oW already has Dublin to use as a reliever hub to LHR,
provided Ireland gets rid of the 'all flights from the West going into Dublin
have to stop in Shannon' rule.  Dublin is closer to the great circle from pretty
much any point in the US to Europe (save the 2 main cities in Russia).

>  The home market is insufficient, as you indicate, for frequent operation to
> most US/Canadian centres.  What are the main centres of the Finnish diaspora?

Eeh, a few professionals and academics in nearly every city and major
university; no real centre, maybe Minneapolis because of the high Scandinavian
population, but there's isn't exactly a 'Little Helsinki' in many cities :>
According to the 1990 Census (see, someone *cares* about this stuff), there's
659,000 Americans who claim themselves of Finnish heritage [not actual Finns,
but it'll give an indication], 47% in the Midwest, 27% in the West, 14% in the
Northeast, and 11% in the South.  Sharp-eyed viewers will note that these
percentages add up to 99%.  The remaining 1% were told by their grandfathers
that they were from Turku, but heard 'Turkey,' and are in Istanbul trying to
rediscover their heritage.
Matthew :)
[who used to babysit for this wonderful Finnish kid who taught me the virtues of
eating pizza with a knife and fork]