Re: Boeing's Sonic Cruiser

Date:         04 Apr 2001 16:41:25 
From: (Burkhard Domke)
Organization: WiNShuttle, DFN - German Research Network
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On 31 Mar 2001 16:43:07 , (Damon Hill) wrote:

>Will it fly?  Will the airlines buy?  I hope so!  Commercial
>aircraft design has been SO boring for the past couple of
>How fast WILL it go?  It already looks supersonic, with the right

The main wing is mounted way aft on the fuselage. This rules out the
installation of effective high-lift devices, as the canards won't be
able to compensate the resulting nose-down moment. That puts a severe
limit on takeoff and landing performance.

So it won't go at all, as airlines to rate good takeoff and landing
performance essential.