Re: Aircraft design question

Date:         04 Apr 2001 16:41:21 
From:         Tom Digby <>
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Ken Ishiguro <> wrote:

> Part of engineering is capturing and meeting requirements in cost effective
> or unique ways.  Why is there a requirement for a window?  Presumably so the
> passenger can see out, and also so people don't become claustrophobic.  As
> you and others have stated, there's a lot of factors involved.

> ISTM that an ergonomically designed cabin and lighting will provide an
> illusion of spaciousness.  Airframe manufacturers and airlines put a lot of
> effort into cabin design to accomplish this.  As far as seeing out, a camera
> system and an in-seat LCD display with individually selectable / changeable
> views will meet the "see out" requirement.

As a potential passenger, I want a "real" window, not just a TV hookup.
If I'm looking at the Grand Canyon or the Rock of Gibraltar or maybe just
the curvature of the Earth or a sunset or something, I want to actually
see it with my own eyes.  It's like the difference between seeing your
favorite performer at a live concert and staying home and watching on TV.
It may not be a rational feeling, but it's there.

If the window has to be small with a limited view, a TV hookeup might be
good to supplement it.  But I still want the real window.

          Tom Digby