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Date:         04 Apr 2001 16:41:10 
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Flt Tech Online published the following story
regarding a new deicing system developed by Radiant Aviation Services last
New De-Ice System Uses Infrared Radiation Instead Of Glycol

Radiant Aviation Services has introduced a new de-icing system this winter,
that uses heat instead of chemicals to melt ice containments from an
aircraft. Radiant says the system, dubbed InfraTek, de-ices an aircraft by
using directed infrared radiation in place of the usual 50-50 mix of glycol
and hot water.

InfraTek requires the an airplane to be taxied, or towed, into a tent-like
hangar, which is open at both ends.  While inside the structure, natural gas
burners are used to bathe the airplane with infrared radiation which melts
the frozen containments.

Radiant says the infrared radiation is a benign form of heat energy that has
been used for more than 40 years to safely heat gymnasiums, auditoriums and
aircraft hangars. The energy reflects off the aircraft skin and melts ice
but won't raise the temperature inside the plane, the company said.

In 500 tests with Continental Airlines at Newark International Airport over
the past two years, the InfraTek system cleaned aircraft in an average 7.2
minutes, which is 30% to 40% faster than conventional de-icing, according to
Radiant.  Furthermore, a typical de-icing with glycol costs between $1,000
and $5,000 per plane, while the cost with InfraTek is "a couple hundred
dollars," the company claims.

During the tests, Continental initially used a redundant glycol application
along with the infrared heat procedure as a precaution.  This follow-up
procedure was discontinued after a review of InfraTek's efficacy.  Radiant
says Continental is now using InfraTek as its primary defrosting method at

The company plans to build three sizes of hangars to accommodate several
aircraft sizes ranging from commuter planes to a B-747.  Radiant says it can
install the system on its own cost, and then contract out their use.