Re: Split Elevator?

Date:         10 Feb 2000 05:03:23 
From:         "Paul Villery" <>
Organization: RoadRunner Portland, Maine
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In many large aircraft each yoke will be tied to one aileron, and one
elevator.  Then both yokes are inter-connected with a clutch system.
Thus, all the controls and yokes move in harmony under normal
circumstances.  In the cokcpit are a couple of handles, Pitch Disc. and
Roll Disc, that disengage the respective clutches.  If the captains side
elevator gets jammed the crew can pull the Pitch Disc. handle and the
F/O is still able to control the aircraft using his elevator.  The MD-80
(and perhaps other aircraft?) does have a slightly odd system, where the
elevators are synched on takeoff by briefly pulling the yoke all the way
back while the throttles come up.  I'm not sure on the specifics in that