Re: Split Elevator?

Date:         10 Feb 2000 05:03:21 
From:         "Mike and Sherley Nichols" <>
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Barry Kabello wrote:
> I've seen several airliners taxiing around with the elevator on one side
> down and the other up, or neutral, other words, they seem to move
> independent of each other.  I was baffled to recently hear that each pilot
> has independant linkage to their own elevator.  If this is true, do split
> rudders work the same way?  Anything other split controls?  Exclusive to
> Boeing?

Which particular aircraft did you see.  I will assume that it was the
DC-9 or some variant (MD-80/90 series).  That in fact is a normal
condition for the aircraft.  The elevator is not even hydraulically
powered (except for full forward elevator to facilitate stall recovery)
except for the MD-90.  The elevators are only faired during takeoff roll
as speed and airflow pick up.

Mike Nichols
MD-88 pilot

p.s.  the ailerons aren't hydraulically powered either!