Re: Good 'ole 727

Date:         10 Feb 2000 05:03:16 
From:         Matt Weber <>
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>Well, we've gotten a different story from someone who was inside
>Boeing at the time. I recall that AA was eager to re-engine all their
>727's with dual high-bypass engines, but Boeing convinced them that it
>wasn't worth the trouble. I suspect that AA saw some of the data about
>wing wake ingestion and such. So they bought MD-80's to replace the

They didn't buy them. MD80 sales were pretty soft at the time, so both AA
and TWA got 'deals' from MD that were basically, try the airplane on a
'walk away' lease. Lease price was in large part based upon the operational
cost saving between the MD80 and the 727 it was replacing. AA liked the
results, and bought more. TWA may have liked them, but as the incredible
shrinking airline, they really didn't need anything that cost money, or
expanded capacity.