Re: A32X fuel capacity

Date:         18 Jan 2000 05:24:19 
From:         "Matt777" <>
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james matthew weber wrote in message ...
>Matt777 wrote:
>> I noticed that the 757-300 has less fuel capacity than the 757-200
>> (  11,490 gallons
>> compared to 11,526.  I figure it is due to the larger models thicker wing
>> structure which reduces the volume of the wing and it is probably the
>> same with the Airbus.
>I'd be surprised. The wings on the two aircraft are in fact the same, and
>difference in fuel capacity is minuscule, .4% (36 gallons out of 11,500).
>I suspect the same to sample variation between aircraft is that large.

The 757-300 has a 15,000lb higher takeoff weight than the -200.  The wing
spars must be very slightly thicker in some places (specifically the center
wing section) explaining the lower fuel capacity.  If the reason was sample
variation I think  Boeing would know that and just put the same fuel
capacity on the website for the -300 as the -200.

>That looks to me more like an inconsistency in how the capacity was
>calculated, i.e. conversion of of liters to gallons, or cubic whatever to
>whatever, rather than anything else.

I don't think so.  I have assembled 747-400 wings and a couple 777 wings and
there are thickness variations.

Seattle, Washington