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Date:         18 Jan 2000 05:24:13 
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> I know very little about Russian aircraft, so please forgive me if I ask
> a basic question, what and how do you tell the difference between a
> IL-96 and a IL-96M?

The Il-96-300 has Soloviev PS-90A engines and a 240,000 kb MGTOW.
Il-96M has Pratt and Whitney PW2337 engines with MGTOW increased to
270,000 kg.  The Il-96T is a freighter version of the Il-96M, with
higher-thrust PW2340 engines but the same MGTOW.  I don't think there
is just an Il-96, with no suffix.

You'd have to look at the engines to tell the difference, unless it
has the designation painted on the nose like the ones I've seen.  Also,
the Il-96-300 has been around for a while, whereas the Pratt-powered
versions are quite new.  I'm not even sure any are in service yet.

> The reason I ask is that, I've got some pictures of a Aeroflot IL-96
> (RA-96007) and another IL-96 in Aeroflot colors but with POCCNR in gold
> lettering (N and R written backwards) with the registration CCCP-96005
> taken at Alliance-Fort Worth Airport (AFW) in 1993.

According to JP Airline Fleets 93/94, those were both Il-96-300
testbeds.  (Last year's JP shows them in a 26/40/173 seating config,
in regular revenue service.)

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