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Date:         18 Jan 2000 05:24:12 
From: (Afwtul1)
Organization: AOL
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>Do somebody know if the aircrafts have been received by Aeroflot....
>Also...who know about the flying experience of the plane....

I know very little about Russian aircraft, so please forgive me if I ask
a basic question, what and how do you tell the difference between a
IL-96 and a IL-96M?

The reason I ask is that, I've got some pictures of a Aeroflot IL-96
(RA-96007) and another IL-96 in Aeroflot colors but with POCCNR in gold
lettering (N and R written backwards) with the registration CCCP-96005
taken at Alliance-Fort Worth Airport (AFW) in 1993.