Re: Balconies?

Date:         08 Jan 2000 13:39:17 
From: (WZMan1)
Organization: AOL
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>I saw a film, set in the early days of transatlantic
>flight. Some of the story took place on a plane going from England to
>America. It had cabins, and 'public' areas. At one point a couple got
>well wrapped up and went out onto a little balcony behind the wing. I
>remember it was very noisy and windy!
>Is it really possible that such a plane existed? Or was the film set in
>a hypothetical future.

Possibly a futuristic extrapolation, combining the oceanliner
characteristics of airships with the potential of the airplane.
Obviously, the visionary who dreamt of this didn't envision increases
in speed and altitude that would make such such a concept imposible.