Re: Balconies?

Date:         08 Jan 2000 13:39:14 
From:         Michael Carley <>
Organization: Dept. of Maths, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.
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stevemouse <> writes:
>Some time ago I saw a film, set in the early days of transatlantic
>flight. Some of the story took place on a plane going from England to
>America. It had cabins, and 'public' areas. At one point a couple got
>well wrapped up and went out onto a little balcony behind the wing. I
>remember it was very noisy and windy!

>Is it really possible that such a plane existed? Or was the film set in
>a hypothetical future. It was certainly presented as though this was
>quite normal.

I don't know about that one but I do remember reading that one of
Sikorsky's first planes had a walkway on the back so that passengers
could go for a walk and get some fresh air during the flight.

``Permitt not your schollars to ramble abroad, especially lett them not
soe much as peepe into a tavern or tipleing house'' (Provost Loftus).

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