Re: Cabin Depressurization

Date:         08 Jan 2000 13:39:11 
From:         Hugh Dickson <>
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Mary Shafer wrote:
> The two cargo door losses depressurized the airplanes slowly enough
> that the emergency descent got them down before anyone died of hypoxia
> or anoxia.


The UAL HNL cargo door plane depressurized so fast that
ALL the interior composite honeycomb panels "delamed".  SL press.
within, much less press. without.  I did the insurance inspection as a
UAL mech. at SFO.  The blood on the interior was chilling to me.

> The O2 is there for people having heart
> attacks or difficulty breathing or some other problem that O2 will
> help.  That is, it's there for an individual emergency, not an
> aircraft emergency.

Often used for "white knuckle" pax.  "Placebo"?  Also used as a
"walkaround" bottle.  Note nylon strap attached to some bottles
with "two turns of one inch masking tape".

Regards,   Hugh