Re: Good 'ole 727

Date:         06 Jan 2000 01:26:01 
From:         "Mike and Sherley Nichols" <>
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marlin zorsky <> wrote in message <airliners.1999.1308@ohare.Chicago.COM> ...
> two engines vers three.  line maintance is mostly engines, one less &
> wing engines are easier to service.

Never posted a reply before, so here goes.
Previous poster was correct in stating that the 757 wasn't really a good
replacement aircraft, and was in fact a new "category" aircraft.  A320 and
737-800 are true 727 replacements.  Flying for a major carrier that soon
will have a bunch of -800s, I wish to some extent that we had purchased the
Airbus.  The cockpit is far larger (with 2 jumpseats plus space; the -800
cockpit is much more cramped).  The Airbus has a larger cockpit, large
flight-attendant-friendly galley (I have yet to talk to a FA that didn't
despise the -800 galley), wide aisle and wide spacious seats (wide by
narrowbody standard, at least).  Boeing seems to have merely stretched and
slightly prettified a 30 year old design.  As a matter of fact, you still
have to manually bring the generators on line when starting engines, just so
the overhead panel could still be called a 737!  The Wall Street Journal
also had an article about how airline bean counters, but not passengers,
like the 737-800.  On the flip side, Boeings are always fun to fly, and I am
a bit leery of an aircraft that continually causes the pilot to wonder what
it is doing now?!