Re: Cabin Depressurization

Date:         08 Jan 2000 13:39:04 
From:         "Hugo 'NOx' Tyson" <>
Organization: Cygnus Solutions, Cambridge, UK
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Mary Shafer <> writes:
> However, there are two important caveats to make.  The first is that
> the absence of evidence isn't evidence of absence.  The second is that
> complex accidents (say, for example, where the aircraft broke up in
> flight and fell to the ground) are excluded; the O2 may have kept
> someone alive long enough to die from the ground impact, for example,
> but there's no evidence of this.

I know this is crossing over into space and urban legend, probably, but
wasn't there evidence of exactly that in the space shuttle explosion?
It's not the same as an airliner O2 system, I know.

	- Huge

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